LG’s 15” OLED Hits Europe in May – Slated for a Summer US Release 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 01 March 2010

There’s been a lot of talk about the feasibility of OLEDs recently, and even Sony – who once planned to corner the market – has pulled out of the race.  Of course, that’s not going to stop LG from giving it a go with their new 15EL9500.

The offering from LG has some distinct advantages over Sony’s initial OLED release. For starters, it’s a whopping fifteen inches, a full four inches larger than the Sony XEL-1.  It’s also got the advantage of an HD screen. It won’t hit 1080p, but at that size, does it really need to? The 15EL9500 offers  a resolution of 1366 x 768.

OLED makes contrast ratios even sillier than they already are.  LG reports that the 15EL9500 has a ratio of 10,000,000:1.  The response time is pretty insane too, as low as one millisecond.  LG Austria reports that Europe is going to get its hands on these first.  When it comes to the US this summer though, expect to pay around $2,750.

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