Samsung Announces DTS Decoding and Skype for Upcoming HDTVs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 26 February 2010

A pair of new features was announced by Samsung, both of which add a great deal of value to their already impressive feature sets. The first announcement, the addition of Skype, is a little expected. We already knew the 7000 series was coming with the free internet based videophone service in tow, but Samsung also revealed that the 8000 line of LED backlit LCD televisions was getting Skype.

Strangely, the higher end, touch screen remote utilizing Samsung 9000 series wasn’t mentioned.  There’s a pretty strong chance that Skype will be listed alongside the other features when the set comes out, but the series’ absence on the press release is a bit puzzling.

The newly announced feature that seems a bit more interesting is DTS surround sound decoding.   According to DTS, the technology will be featured in “virtually every Samsung digital television worldwide.”

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