MSI Announces New 3D Capable All-in-One PCs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010

All-in-One (AIO) PCs have been steadily gaining ground as entertainment devices, but they exist more as niche products than must have devices. MSI is hoping to change that by releasing a massive amount of new Wind Top AIO PCs built for all different kinds of users.

Among the new releases are a few smaller screen all-in-ones that promise energy efficiency and a focus on business use.  They’re made from recyclable technology, they’re incredibly efficient, and they don’t do much that’ll excite the home theater crowd.

The AE2420, on the other hand, is the high end of the Wind Top line.  It features a 24” multi-touch screen that makes browsing through audio and video easy. It sports Turbo Boost technology, which kicks up CPU performance as you need it.   That CPU is a pretty significant Intel Corei7 too.

It’s got the best speakers of any of the AIOs too, but they’re not going to rock any audiophile’s world.  Instead of the tiny five watt speakers on lesser models, the AE2420 boasts a pair of ten watt speakers.  It’s better than nothing, but not by too much.

That 24” screen can handle a 1080p resolution at 120Hz, which means – when paired with a set of active shutter glasses – it can take on 3D video with no problem at all.  The only problem is that based on the press release, none of MSI new Wind Top PCs appear to have optical drives.  That means no Blu-ray and no DVD.  This could simply be something not yet decided on, or simply forgotten in the press release, but the addition of an optical drive or two could be a huge difference in how MSI’s  new PCs are viewed.

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