Monsters vs Aliens – Get it Early From Samsung 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Of all the companies pushing for 3D in the home, Samsung is clearly pushing the hardest.  Their CES showing was more than evidence enough.  They had 3D displays galore, most of which were showing the hit movie Monsters vs Aliens.  They talked 3D up big during their press conference and even brought out Jeffrey Katzenberg of Dreamworks fame to give a talk.

Clearly, Samsung believes in 3D and in Monsters vs Aliens.  It makes sense then that they’ve paired the movie and the technology to help spur sales. Samsung will start selling their 3D televisions and BD players in the UK next month, and they’ll be packing a copy of the Monsters vs Aliens 3D Blu-ray disc in with them.  

It’s a nice value added feature made even better by the fact that the discs will be available in this bundled form even before they’re available separately.  There’s no word on a US release yet.  It’s typically the US that gets new technology first, but it could be that Samsung’s throwing Europe a bone on this one.  

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