Sanken Creates New CCFL Backlights to Compete with LED 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 19 February 2010

When it comes between the decision of purchasing a display backed by LEDs or CCFLs, there’s very little contention.  LEDs are brighter and create better contrast ratios, sets that use LEDs are slimmer, and LEDs even run more efficiently, which means a cheaper electricity bill.

The Japanese company known as Sanken has created a new kind of cold cathode fluorescent lamp that they say may put CCFLs back into competition with LEDs.  They claim that their new lamp is equal to LEDs in efficiency, but is up to sixty percent cheaper to mass produce.

Sanken also says that their CCFLs are so efficient that only two will be needed in each set, rather than the traditional six.  One lamp at the top of the device, they say, and one at the bottom and you’re set.

If this claim comes to fruition, it could mean a further decline in pricing for non-LED televisions, widening the price gap between standard and LED backlit LCD televisions.

The one thing Sanken did not address is picture quality.  Whether the new CCFLs can compete with LED in terms of contrast ratio is yet to be seen.  Sanken plans to start mass producing their new lamps this summer.

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