Harman Aims to Eliminate “The Star Trek Look” 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 19 February 2010

Home theater systems are capable of bringing theater like audio and visuals to the home.  Your television is a treat to watch, and that 7.1 surround system gives you an aural experience that simply can’t be done any other way.  There’s just one problem.

When the equipment is off – when you’re not watching a Blu-ray or listening to music – it becomes furniture, and it’s not always pretty.  The way Harman puts it, “The love/hate relationship that some women have had with… home theater systems in particular, has been mounting as each new piece of technology seems to invade another part of the house.”

Harman’s responding to the problem by crafting new designs for their gear that will make it look more like furniture than technology.  Revel speakers are already designed for elegance in addition to performance.  Mark Levinson amps and JBL speakers have also been getting touched up to combine a quality visual experience with a quality audio experience.

Marc Kellom, VP of marketing at Harman says that they are aware that the ever increasing technology can actually be a turn-off to some customers.  “Keeping that in mind,” he says, “it’s been a goal of ours to ensure that our equipment is not only acoustically superior, but also that each and every piece can actually enhance the interior design of any room”

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