Sony Dash Adds Netflix Streaming 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Sony Dash seems like one of the most overlooked gadgets to come out of CES.  It’s a portable internet device that’s capable of a lot of things.  It’s based on the Chumby OS which means that over a thousand applications are able to be installed on it.

Netflix is the newest application to reach the device, which should help to increase interest a bit.  It’s integrated much like it is on other devices.  You can’t search Netflix directly, but you can browse your queue and Netflix suggested movies.

The Dash itself only runs $199, which makes purchasing it as a standalone Netflix player a very reasonable scenario.  The screen is 7” and only 800 x 480, but at that size the resolution would be less noticeable.

The biggest downside to the Dash is the battery life.  There is none.   In fact, there’s no battery.  So while the Dash seems like an excellent portable device, it’s not actually portable at all.  Still, for watching movies and TV in the kitchen, bath or in the garage, $199 isn’t bad at all.

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