Panasonic Announces Professional Quality 25.5 Inch 3D Monitor 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Considering how new the format is, Panasonic’s $21,000 3D camera isn’t too bad for the price.  Of course, if you’re planning on shooting any video in 3D, you’re going to need something to monitor it on. 

The BT-3DL2550 is Panasonic’s newest professional grade monitor, and one of the first specifically designed for monitoring of 3D images.  It measures 25.5” diagonally and it’s built to be color accurate and rugged enough for regular use.  Panasonic’s new monitor was designed to go hand in hand with their new camera.  It sports HD-SDI inputs designed to work with 3D camcorders and other 3D cameras, as well as DVI-D inputs for use with Final Cut Pro.

Instead of using active shutter glasses like consumer products, the BT-3DL2550 uses the same polarized glasses used in theaters.  You can even switch it from Left to Right image display, overlay, Left and Right two window display and 3D.  The BT-3DL2550 sports an aluminum frame and back panel, and is built to stand up to a reasonable amount of punishment.  You’ll be able to pick it up in September at a price of $9,900.

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