Consumers Can Get “The Perfect Offer” All Summer Long With Toshiba’s 5 Free HD DVD Disc Promotion 
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Monday, 30 July 2007

Toshiba announced it has extended its highly successful 5 free HD DVD disc promotion, “The Perfect Offer,” until September 30, 2007. “The Perfect Offer,” a strategic promotion started last year by Toshiba to encourage purchase of Toshiba HD DVD players, has been met with overwhelming demand and consumer response and has contributed to strong sales of Toshiba HD DVD players.

As a result, with the purchase of any Toshiba HD DVD player, consumers will continue to be able to select five HD DVD titles for free, from a selection of 15, via a mail-in offer. Full offer details are available at

Toshiba also recently announced that it is lowering prices on HD DVD players to a level that took standard DVD players three years to reach. With HD DVD, consumers can get high definition 1080p resolution at the best value in the market today. Toshiba’s 1080p HD-A20 is only $399 (MSRP), and for the best value in high definition, Toshiba’s 1080i HD-A2 is only $299 (MSRP). The combination of an HD-A2 or HD-A20 HD DVD player and up to $150 worth of free movies is a value that is unmatched by any other competitor.

The extension of “The Perfect Offer” comes at a great time for consumers as studio partners have recently announced HD DVD movie titles that include web-enabled network capabilities. Purchasers of Toshiba HD DVD players can enjoy the most extensive interactive features in the market today via this technology. Whether an individual is planning to purchase HD DVD or already has, every Toshiba HD DVD player will be able to provide web-enabled interactive features through a firmware update.

Toshiba’s latest firmware update supports improved network connectivity for downloading web-enabled network content and is another example of the company’s commitment toward achieving the ultimate home entertainment experience. No other high definition home entertainment format currently matches the features offered by Toshiba and the HD DVD format.

Using the Ethernet ports found on all Toshiba HD DVD players, and the currently available firmware update, once connected to the network, users can access bonus features. For example users can access new trailers, online polls, clips and more, as available, from a movie studio’s server.

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