Samsung's First 3D TVs Coming in March 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Both Amazon and Vann’s have officially listed the Samsung C7000 series of televisions for pre-order.  It’s the entry level line of Samsung’s new 3D sets, and it lacks the impressive picture and touchscreen remote of the C9000s, but there’s still a lot there.

The 7000 series sports a 1080p resolution and a 240Hz refresh ratio to boot.  You’ll get to enjoy an impressive contrast ratio thanks to an LED backlit screen.  That same LED backlighting technology also helps with the size of the set; the Samsung 7000 series measures just over an inch deep.

You’ve got access to Internet@TV, which also means that you’ve got access to Amazon VoD, Blockbuster VoD, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook and the newly added Skype.  You’ll have to attach an Ethernet cord or wireless dongle for internet connectivity though, there’s no WiFi built in to the C7000.

Samsung is pushing 3D hard, but it seems they don’t want to be known as a maker of 3D televisions exclusively.  At CES they made it a point to note that all their new LCDs would be upgrades even if you just wanted a 2D experience.  That might help explain why they’ve decided not to include 3D glasses with your purchase.

The 55” UN55C7000 can be ordered now for a price of $3,299.  If you’re looking for a smaller set, you can pick up the UN46C7000, which has the same features but runs nine inches smaller, and at an MSRP of 2,599.  Amazon states that the C7000 series will begin shipping on March 8th.

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