California Startup Says OLED Printing is Cheaper and Easier 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 12 February 2010

OLED displays have hit a bit of a stall since they were first shown.  They look about the same as they did when we first saw them years ago, and they haven’t gotten much bigger.  The main reason for that, according to a California startup called Kateeva, is that the technique used by companies to make the displays needs to evolve.

The current process is called shadow-mask printing, and while it’s the most effective way to do things at the moment, it’s an expensive process.  To add to the trouble, shadow-mask printing makes producing large screen OLEDs difficult.

Few alternatives have been presented so far, and the best one to date, ink jet printing, compromises the quality and lifetime of the OLED displays.

The folks over at Kateeva say that their method – a combination of the two techniques – could cut OLED manufacturing costs down significantly.  They’ll be demonstrating their large-area OLED printer to major companies next year, and they hope to show how it can print OLEDs for only sixty percent of the cost of LCDs.

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