S1Digital Releases 100 Blu-ray Disc Changer and Media Center 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 04 February 2010

It wasn’t so long ago that all we had for managing our massive DVD collections were flimsy manual DVD carousels.  How far we’ve come.  The S1 Blu-ray Disc Changer is capable of storing up to 100 Blu-ray discs.  It grabs meta deta from the disc – movie title, director, actors – and cover-art to display on the selection screen. 

The S1Digital changer then displays your discs in the Windows Media Center interface.  Playback is nice and easy, simply select the disc, and the S1 changer will play it for you. Of course, it does a lot more than just that.  S1’s player is also a media center extender.  If you’ve got a PC with Windows Media Center installed, you can view media files through the player right on your television.

If you’ve got the S1 server, or a computer running Windows Home Server, you can do even more.  S1Digital’s new player can back up your CDs, DVDs and even Blu-rays to your server with the push of a button.  Since the process is a bit lengthy and tedious when backing up multiple discs, S1 has simplified things by creating a feature that automatically rips your entire collection at once.

The S1 Digital Blu-ray Player 100 Disc Changer is available now at a price of $1,499

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