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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010

It’s time for Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and while that doesn’t mean a lot as far as Blu-ray players, televisions and speakers are concerned, fans of multi-room solutions will have a lot to look at.  The show kicked off today in Amsterdam and VidaBox had plenty to talk about. For starters, their newly redesigned FireServer, which adds multi-zone streaming for DVD and Blu-ray streaming at an entry level price.

In addition to simple ripping and archiving of Blu-ray discs, the FireServer introduces DualRip for CDs.  With DualRip, audiophiles can rip their CD into two formats at once.  So if you need MP3s for your iPod, but you want WAV quality at home, you won’t have to rip it twice.

The LUXv2 is the newest media center from VidaBox, and the company is boasting that expandable storage is what makes the LUXv2 so great.  “You can start off with as little as 2TB,” says Vidabox president Steven Cheung.  “Whenever more space is needed, simply unlock the front service panel and install a new hard drive into any one of the four open drive bays in mere seconds”

Their newest extender is the ThinClientHD, which streams 1080p content over a single CAT5 cable.  It’s cheaper and smaller than past extenders, and has the bonus of expandability as well.  The ThinClientHD streams right out of the box, but you can add on a DVD or Blu-ray drive to make it more locally useful.

Finally, VidaBox introduced the Nevo S70 remote.  It’s got a 3.5” color touch screen and is fully customizable.  Cheung describes it as the missing piece of the VidaBox solution.  “With this new vS70™ remote and Touch3.6™ in-wall pads,” he says, “this powerful combination fills the need for cost-effective touch screen controls, without sacrificing the customization capabilities that integrators and clients want.”

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