Mitsubishi to Demonstrate 149” OLED Display 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 29 January 2010

It’s a shame, really.  Mitsubishi’s got enough 10cm OLEDs laying around that they can make an enormous 149” screen out of them, but we can’t get a nice 42” OLED for the living room. Mitsubishi talked a lot about the idea of a scalable model for OLEDs last year, and they’ll be showing it off in early February of this year. 

The 149” screen is what the company is calling modular OLED.  In essence, they’re putting a whole lot of small TVs together to make one big one. Each of the smaller panels is edge-less.  There’s no bezel, just screen.  This way, you can place several of the small televisions right next to each other for a seamless picture.

The company is primarily targeting commercial applications at the moment, since the OLEDs will still be incredibly expensive.  They’re also versatile though.  They can be formed into any shape or set to any curve, according to Mitsubishi.  It’s easy to imagine a giant OLED screen towering outside the Las Vegas casinos or in one of Orlando’s huge tourist locations.

There’s no word on actual pricing for these, or whether the modular design is being considered for the home.  As cool as it is for commercial applications, having a custom OLED in the home would be amazing.

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