Mvix Debuts Ultio Media Player and PVR 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Ultio Pro media player from Mvix is an impressive playback solution.  It can handle just about any video file you can think of, a substantial range of audio files, and even sports a torrent service. But the Ultio Pro isn’t for everyone, in that it doesn’t have access to some of the basic internet services that other players have.  You can still get videos from Netflix and Hulu, but you’ll have to go through Tversity or PlayOn to get there.

It’s also not as cheap as more popular streamers like the Boxee Box.  Sure, the basic model runs $169, but that comes without any storage, and no way to wirelessly connect to the net.  Since video recording is one of the main functions of the Ultio player, you’re going to want a hard drive in there. For $348 you can get a fully stocked player with a 2TB hard drive built right in.  It still doesn’t have wireless internet, but a wireless G adaptor is available now and a wireless N adapter will be available at launch.  

With the Ultio player, you’ll be able to play back audio and video files of practically any type from networked devices, storage attached via USB or from the Ultio’s own hard drive.  You can also record video directly on to the hard drive. There’s not a tuner built in, but when the Ultio is hooked in to your cable box, you’ll be able to record directly on to the player, as well as schedule recordings and even time shift live television.

You can pre-order the Ultio Pro Media Player online now.  Orders will ship the first week of February.     

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