Zeon Claims New Film Will Provide Ten Times More LCD Contrast 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 26 January 2010

LCD panels could be getting a significant boost in contrast ratios this year, if Japanese TFT maker Zeon has anything to say about it.  The company claims that its new phase difference film can provide LCD televisions with up to ten times greater contrast ratio than traditional film.

The idea behind phase difference film is to restrain the diffusion of light from the source to the screen.  That is to say that the new Cyclo Olefin Polymer film will restrain unnecessary light from spreading out and lightening out the picture.  This would not only create a much higher contrast ratio for LCDs, but according to Zeon, it could widen viewing angles as well.  

Zeon already sells films to Samsung, but the new phase difference films could make them a company that’s incredibly in demand.  The new film is suited to any LCD panel based on the In-Plane Switching  (IPS) technology.

There’s no word on what the cost of development is on these yet, but Zeon has said that they’ll be starting mass production later this year.  Zeon already sells panels to Samsung, but the target audience for the new phase difference film is any LCD manufacturer that makes 40” sets and larger.

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