Comcast Trying to Establish Itself as the Leader in 3D Market 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Derek Harrar is Comcast’s senior vice president and general manager of video services.  Harrar says that Comcast is gearing up to be the leader in 3D programming, though the initial offerings may seem a bit paltry.  “Much like we did in high-def, it will start relatively thin” he says.  “Then, much like high-def, we will have more 3D content than anyone else as it becomes available.”’

When asked about DirecTV, who are also making big commitments to the 3D format, Harrar reacts by saying “We love it when DirecTV is trying to follow us into a new space.”  Comcast has already offered a bit of 3D programming after all, such as Final Destination.  “They have launched vapor; they have not launched anything. They just said they are going to be launching 3D.”

Comcast currently only offers anaglyph images, but does plan to expand into frame compatible 3D content later this year. “To make a long story short,” said Harrar, “we think there is a segment here and we think it is worth spending some resources on it. We've been really driving 3D from its very beginning and we are going to keep going.”

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