Oppo’s BDP-80 Blu-ray Player Revealed 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 25 January 2010

Oppo been teasing the new player for around two months now, but the day has come and the veil has been lifted on the brand new BDP-80.  The first thing that will leap out to most people is the price.  It’s considerably cheaper than the BDP-83, and the $289 price tag puts the BDP-80 right in line with some of the more expensive players from mass market manufacturers.

Of course, to knock over $200 off of the BDP-83, something’s gotta give.  You’ll notice a few steps down from the BDP-83, but the most notable is the Anchor Bay video processing; the BDP-80 doesn’t have it.  Instead, it handles video processing via its main decoder chip.  Oppo envisions the BDP-80 as being geared towards consumers that don’t necessarily need the advanced video processing of the BDP-80.  That includes people with small or midsized televisions of course, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for the lower end market.

The folks at Oppo see the new player as a great option for anyone with a high end system that already includes video processing.  The BDP-80 is billed less as a standalone player and more of a digital audio and video transport.  According to Oppo, the player’s been optimized specifically for that purpose.  If you’ve got an external video processor, or a receiver that handles video processing, then Oppo’s aimed this one directly at you.

There are a few other differences between the BDP-80 and the BDP-83.  For starters, while the BDP-83 has an aluminum face plate, the 80 sports a plastic one with a brushed metal look to it.  It lacks the 24p DVD conversion and dedicated stereo outputs of the 83 as well.

The BDP-80 is no slouch though.  It still plays back Blu-rays at 1080p/24 and it still decodes and bitstreams high definition audio formats.  It’s got support for SACDs, including PCM playback.  And of course, it plays back media formats including MKV and AVCHD.  If you’re looking for a player for a small or midsized television or if you’ve got a video processor already, the BDP-80 is a good way to go.  If you want the big screen experience though, even Oppo recommends you stick with the BDP-83.

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