AUO Picks up FED Technology Rights 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Friday, 22 January 2010

If you’re looking at that headline and scratching your head, then think back a few years to 2007. That’s the year that Sony announced that they’d be working on production of a brand new technology to rival, and even surpass LCD and plasma displays.  No, not OLED, FED.

FED stands for Field Emission Display.  The technology could best be compared to CRT, as it has many of the same advantages.  FED televisions, on paper anyway, are more efficient than LCD and less complex.  They’re brighter than most current TVs and have impressive black levels.  The biggest downside is that, at least for now, they don’t exist.

AUO is hoping to change that.  The Taiwanese company announced this week that they’ve reached an agreement to acquire Field Emission Technologies; the company responsible for much of Sony’s FED work. AUO says that the main focus will be on business markets for now.   “FED technology will be an appropriate fit especially for the high-end market needs such as medical or broadcast displays,” says CEO and President, Dr. L. J. Chen.  

FED’s been in development for some time, but Sony dropped it, as did Motorola before them.  The technology has already been abandoned by some of the biggest names in consumer electronics, so don’t get too excited about seeing FED sets hit the consumer market any time soon.

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