Make Your Own Danley Sub with DTS-10 Do-it-Yourself Kit 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 21 January 2010

Danley announced the DTS-10 subwoofer kit a while back, but it looks like they’re finally available.  By picking up this kit you’ll get to assemble your own DTS-10 subwoofer, and there’s something so cool about getting to show off your home theater and say “You like that sub?  Yeah, I built it.”

The kit itself comes with all the panels already cut and drilled, so your main tasks are finishing the wood and assembling the amp.  You’ll also need to supply the hardware, like bolts, speaker wire, and glue.  It comes with a pair of custom 12” drivers which deliver bass as low as 11Hz.  

You’ll also save some cash while you’re at it.  The DTS-10 runs $975, a significant discount over similar subs, but with impressive results.  The way Mike Hedden of Danley puts it “Outdoors at one meter, one watt of input generates 90 dB at 12 Hz; 99 dB at 20 Hz; and 108 dB at 80 Hz. There simply isn't another sub that competes.”

Keep in mind, this thing is huge.  The specs put it at 45” x 60” x 16”, so make sure you’ve got room for a four foot by six foot sub before picking this one up.

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