Running Springs Audio Releases Maxim Power Conditioner 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Power conditioners are an often overlooked part of the home theater.  They’re an important upgrade, but generally not a fun one.  When the neighbors come over they’ll admire the new TV, they’ll marvel at your new speakers and thrill when you play them your new sub.  When you show off your new power conditioner though, most people will just nod, smile, and back away slowly.

The Maxim is designed to work with their award winning Dmitri.  The way the folks at Running Springs see it, the Dmitri will handle all the front end components, while the Maxim takes care of the amps.  Like all AC conditioners from Running Springs, The Maxim is made in an ISO 9000:2001 approved facility in California.  It’s housed in a non ferrous aluminum chassis with no magnetic interference or inner field effect.  The Maxim has internal Cardas wiring with high quality copper designed to deliver uncolored current.

If The Maxim sacrifices anything, it does so in the name of clean power.  Things like lights and meters that can cause noise in the line are gone.  Even the humble on/off switch gets the axe because of potential noise issues. Running Springs’s Maxim offers four isolated outlets utilizing completely passive, non-current limiting topography.  It’s even got a high current, but sonically invisible circuit breaker built in to offer protection while not diminishing current flow.

The Maxim is available from authorized distributors now at a price of $4,500 for the unit and a standard power cord.  Packages including the Mongoose and Crown Jewel power cords are also available.

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