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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 18 January 2010

This week brings us a few strong Blu-ray releases, but most notably it marks the first release of Universal’s flipper disc.  The Bourne Trilogy (amazon link) hits shelves tomorrow and gives buyers the option to watch the DVD version on one side, or the Blu-ray on the other.  Read on to see what else comes out tomorrow:

The Invention of Lying  (amazon link)

Ricky Gervais not only stars in The Invention of Lying but directs it as well.  Some may be familiar with Gervais thanks to the original British run of The Office, where he played the Michael Scott role.  The film centers around a man who, in a world where no one is capable of lying, he figures out how.  Of course, it all backfires in the end.

Gamer (amazon link)

It’s yet another take on a familiar theme.  Gerard Butler is locked up in prison, but is given the opportunity to earn his freedom by competing in a game where the kills are real and the action is broadcast for the world to see.  It’s not the best flick, but it’s got some amazing looking effects and a bizarre dance number from Dexter’s Michael C. Hall.

Che  (amazon link)

This two disc set details the life and times of revolutionary Che Guevara.  Benicio Del Toro gives an amazing performance as Che, and Steven Soderbergh directs.  It was fairly well received, and is amazing to look at.  It uses the same RED digital camera as used in District 9 and Gamer, so on a high definition screen it will be a visual treat.

Also Coming Out

According to Greta
Across the Hall
Artie Lange: Jack and Coke
Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces 2 - Assassins' Ball
Weeds: Season Five

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