Lexicon facing dissent over their BD-30 release 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 18 January 2010

To many people, one Blu-ray player looks like another.  And, to be fair, a lot of them really do look similar.  It was early in the life of the Lexicon BD-30 – back at CEDIA – that people started to draw comparisons between it and Oppo’s BDP-83.  It has a similar button layout and the inputs and outputs on the back are identical.

The folks over at Audioholics got in BD-30 for review and pulled it apart to see what was inside.  As reviewer Clint DeBoer puts it, “It's an Oppo BDP-83.”  It’s not just that the unit looks similar, and it’s not that it contains BDP-83 parts.  The Lexicon BD-30 appears to literally be a BDP-83 built into a sturdier aluminum case.  In fact, the underside of the aluminum frame of the BD-30 is cut to make room for the vent holes of the BDP-83.

Benchmark tests revealed audio patterns from the analog outputs of both players were virtually identical.  The bass crossover point, frequency response and distortion benchmarks are almost indiscernible.  

HomeTheaterReview.com also reviewed the Lexicon BD-30, without the technical benchmark tests that Audioholics used, and gushed about the unit.  When commenters questioned the validity of the review, the conversation unfortunately devolved into a strange exchange between the site owner and commenters.  Comments were subsequently deleted, but you can find a transcript of the conversation at this link.

The Lexicon BD-30 was announced as the first ever Blu-ray player to receive THX certification; something Lexicon touted at the time.  THX doesn’t talk much about what specifications a product needs to meet to be certified, but we do know that an 80Hz crossover point has long been required.  Neither the Oppo-BDP-83 nor the Lexicon BD-30 meets the requirement.

Lexicon – who are charging $3,500 for the player – has responded to emails stating simply that they have made improvements over the BDP-83 that justify the cost, but haven’t stated specifically what those improvements are.  They’ve also taken down any mention of THX in relation to the BD-30 from their website.  THX has also responded, stating that they stand behind the certification.

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