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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 14 January 2010

The post-apocalypse film has made a strong resurgence in the past years, and 2010 starts with what looks to be a strong, if simple entry.  There’s a Jackie Chan flick, though his name no longer means much as far as entertainment goes, and some rather intriguing limited releases:

The Book of Eli

Reviews for the film have been less than stellar.  The plot is simple, say the critics, and the story takes giant logical leaps, but there’s no lack of praise for the performance of Denzel Washington.  It doesn’t deliver up too deep a message or too many surprises, but it’s got some of my personal favorites acting in the film.  Tom Waits makes an appearance, as does Michael Gambon, and the always impressive Gary Oldman.

The Spy Next Door

Imagine Mr. Nanny or The Pacifier, but with Jackie Chan.  Now imagine that it was directed by a man named Brian Levant, whose directorial high point was either Beethoven – the one about the dog – or The Flinstones: Viva Rock Vegas.  You’ve got the idea.  Oh, and it also stars George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Avoid at all costs.

44 Inch Chest (Limited)

Critical reviews of 44 Inch Chest are mixed.  It’s written by the pair that brought you Sexy Beast and stars two of the cast members of the much lauded film.  Ben Kingsley is swapped out for John Hurt while Ray Winstone and Ian McShane star.  Tom Wilkinson also appears in the film, much to my delight.  This is one worth checking out for fans of the British gangster genre.

Also Opening This week

Lovely Bones (Wide)
Carmel (Limited)
Fish Tank (Limited)
Last Station (Limited)

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