Motorola Adds Dolby Volume to Set-top Boxes 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dolby Volume may have started off as a feature for higher end A/V Receivers, but it’s become increasingly popular in all markets.  Loud commercials and fluctuating volumes are a problem across the board, and now even set-top boxes have incorporated the feature.

Motorola has announced that they’ll be adding Dolby Volume to set-top boxes for both the Latin American and North American markets.  More importantly, already existing set-top boxes can be upgraded with the feature.

According to Motorola, the DCX3400 HD-DVR and DCX3200 HD boxes can be upgraded through the cable networks to add Dolby Volume.  It can be enabled through the menu and adjusted to the desired setting.

Of course, this won’t affect anything besides television, and you’ll still need a receiver with Dolby Volume enabled in order to handle other sources.  Still, this is a good step forward for Motorola.  Incorporating a feature like this into their set-top boxes creates a great deal of added value. A date for the Dolby Volume update hasn’t been mentioned yet, but we can surely expect it in the next few weeks.

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