Sonneteer Breaks Barriers With New Music Server 
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Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Sonneteer has introduced the Morpheus Music Server, which works in conjunction with the Music Centre.  In short, this system does it all.  It can play music from the Internet, any home computer, flash drives, memory sticks and even your cell phone and radio.  In fact, this system has over 12,000 radio stations as well as on-demand programming.

The Morpheus system has a built-in media player, a 100-Watt amplifier and is completely wall mountable.  There is an option for a Bluetooth connection.  And of course let’s not forget a remote control.

The system’s amplifier allows for easier connection of an existing pair of speakers.  Best of all, it is wireless.  If you have a router installed in your home then everything can talk to everything.  To top it all off, the Morpheus Music Centre can be controlled via your iPhone or iPod Touch using an available application.

Currently this is a UK product, but after it’s debut at CES I am willing to bet that they will score several distributors.  Keep an eye out for this product.  Unfortunately, it will not be cheap.  Each piece will retail for about £2500.

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