Creek Audio Evolution 5350 Targets 2-Channel Listeners 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 04 January 2010

Sure, you’ve got an impressive 7.1 channel system that makes movie watching a thrill.  It recreates the sounds of filmed battles precisely and it makes watching a flick into an experience rather than a way to pass the time.  But how does it handle simple stereo music?

Creek Audio knows that an A/V system built for movies doesn’t always do the trick when playing back those classic mono and stereo tracks.  That’s why they’ve created the Evolution 5350.  It’s an integrated amplifier that can take over as a standalone power amplifier for your front speaker system. The Evolution 5350 boasts 200 watts of power per channel at 4 ohms, and a frequency response from 1Hz to 50kHz.  It’s got 5 separate stereo inputs which can be powered directly by the 5350 and driven by the front channels of a 5.1 AV receiver.  

A massive power supply with a 350 watt toroidal mains transformer supplies the juice to the Evolution 5350.  Discrete transistor circuitry protects from over current demand and short circuits.  In case of faults, relays mute the input and separate the outputs. Creek Audio didn’t forget about vinyl collectors either.  As more people are returning vinyl, the demand for accurate turntable reproduction has grown.  For those that demand performance out of their record, an internal phono board can be added.

The Evolution 5350 – Creek Audio’s most powerful amplifier to date – will be officially unveiled at CES.

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