YG Acoustics to Unveil Their New Carmel Speaker 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The newest loudspeaker from YG Acoustics is under fairly tight wraps until it’s unveiling at CES only a week or so from now.  We’ve got details on the speaker, but high resolution pictures won’t be available “until after the speaker has been unveiled at CES”. 

YG’s new speaker is also their most affordable offering to date, coming in at $18,000.  It’s a floor standing two way speaker that features technology and components more commonly found in far more expensive speakers. YG Acoustics’ Carmel is an all-aluminum speaker.  It was created using 4-axis milling technology and at an incredibly strict tolerance of +/-0.0008”.  

The Carmel offers a frequency response from 35Hz up to 40kHz thanks to the inclusion of a seven inch woofer and the same tweeter used in the YG Acoustics Kipod.    The Carmel also boasts proprietary Dual Coherence crossover technology employing the same Mundorf components found in all of YG Acoustics’ speakers.

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