Blu-ray Releases for December 29, 2009 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

While some of the bigger Blu-ray releases are being held until January to benefit fully from all those people who got their first BD player for Christmas, there are still a few standout titles coming out this week. Read on to see all of this week's releases:

9  (amazon link)

Sadly, this visual masterpiece is a bit of a flop as a film.  After a well crafted exposition, cheesy dialogue and a lack of clarity in the story get in the way of what really should have been a better movie.  If you’re looking for something that will show off your system though, 9 is a great option.  The audio is outstanding, and the visuals are second to none.  Just don’t expect much of a plot.

Paranormal Activity  (amazon link)

It’s a rare occasion when a film with a fifteen thousand dollar budget gets picked up for wide distribution.   It’s almost unheard of for that film to go on to gross over $140 million in theaters.  Paranormal Activity is a genuinely entertaining horror film shot entirely on a single HD video camera.  It’s not revolutionary by any means, and the Blair Witch vibe is strong, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Jennifer’s Body  (amazon link)

Dissapointing horror fans and delighting every teenage boy with a Megan Fox poster hanging up in their room, this average horror-comedy stars Ms. Fox as a possesed cheerleader that's killing off the male population at her high school.  The movie is predictable and likely won't impress the average adult, but teens may enjoy the movie.

Other Titles Include:

- Ichi: The Movie
- The Marine 2
- A Perfect Getaway

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