Lamm Debuts LL2.1 Tube Amplifier 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

This year’s CES will see a variety of new products from Lamm Industries including the ML3 Singature Tube Amplifier, the LL1 Signature Preamplifier and the newly announced LL2.1 Tube Amplifier.

The LL2.1 is a direct replacement to the LL2, the first in the line of Lamm’s vacuum tube amplifiers.  It’s a class A amplifier from input to output.  The LL2.1 sports an audibly neutral supply which employs a full wave vacuum rectifier and choke containing filter to eliminate buzz and hum.  

Unlike its predecessor, the LL2.1 offers a built-in remote on/off for Lamm amplifiers as well as some construction changes.  There are some minor parts which have been replaced and the knobs have been switched up as well.  The LL2.1 also adds an attenuator for gain reduction by 15dB, a feature not offered on the LL2.

Two versions – standard and deluxe – of the LL2.1 are available.  They both feature an identical chassis, PC board and parts, but they differ in power supplies.  In the deluxe version, the power supply energy storage is around double that of the standard.  Additionally, the deluxe adds parallel polystyrene capacitors to film capacitors in critical paths. The standard edition LL2.1 is available at $5,690, while the deluxe edition runs $5,990.

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