beyerdynamic Announces Tesla T1 High Performance Headphones 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

“The T1 is a very special headphone with its engineering qualities, audio reproduction and price to performance unlike any other high-end headphone,” says beyerdynamic’s Alan Feckanin of the companies new record setting headphones.  The T1 is the first headphone to break through the barrier of one-tesla, a measure of magnetic induction.

Magnetic induction indicates the ability of a sound converter to change an electrical impulse into sound waves, and beyerdynamic says that breaking the one-tesla barrier changes the game entirely.

beyerdynamic’s T1 headphones are capable of twice the loudness of traditional headphones, but without a loss of efficiency.   This is due in no small part to a new magnet arrangement.  Rather than placing the neodymium magnet in the center of the voice coil as is traditional, the T1 has magnets positioned in a ring around the coil.  This allowed the magnetic flux to be increased dramatically.

The diaphragm of the T1 was also newly developed.  Rather than using traditional materials, the T1 employs a two-ply compound foil.  The light weight yet sturdy material plays a great part in ensuring distortion free sound.  The T1 boasts a frequency response from 5Hz to 55kHz.

Comfort is a key factor in headphone design as well and beyerdynamic seems to have kept it in mind.  A leather headband and hand woven materials should ensure that the headphones can be worn with ease.  They’re also fairly light, at only 350g without the cable. The beyerdynamic Tesla T1 headphones are available now at a retail price of $1,295.

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