LAMM Introduces LL1 Signature Preamplifier 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 28 December 2009

The LL1 Signature looks to be a pretty impressive preamp.  The new flagship preamp makes its debut at CES where it will be demoed in tandem with the ML3 Signature amp.  It was designed to complement the ML3 directly, but can of course be used with any other appropriate power amplifier.

LAMM Industries says that the LL1 Signature preamplifier is “the ultimate statement of perfection in High-End audio.”  Perfection may be a bold claim, but LAMM is one of few companies capable of making it.  They have some of the most well reviewed products on the market today.

The LL1 is a single-stage preamp that contains two pairs of low impedance triodes that help provide a feedback free operation.  It employs Class A operation and utilizes an incredibly short signal path.  The LL1 sports an audibly neutral power supply with a choke containing filter designed to eliminate hum and buzz.

Three inputs are available, as well as two outputs which can be switched on and off individually.  The LL1 is handcrafted, and is constructed of high quality parts including Bourns TDK stepped multi-turn potentiometers, Hammond chokes, Roderstein film capacitors, and gold plated Neutric connectors.  Vibrations are limited thanks to a custom designed damping panel. Suggested retail for the LL1 preamps is $42,690 a pair.

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