Lenovo Offers up a Keyboard and Trackball HTPC Controller  
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 28 December 2009

The home theater PC is an increasingly popular and viable option as an entertainment source, but there’s still a struggle in finding a great remote.  Solutions range from touch pads to full keyboards with trackballs to motion sensing mice, and none of them seem to satisfy every user.

Keeping size and comfort in mind, Lenovo has released their new Multimedia Controller with Keyboard.  Sure, it’s not a snappy name, but the device itself is pretty slick.  The Multimedia Controller – model number 57Y6336 – pairs up a trackball and a mini keyboard into one handheld device.

The keyboard on Lenovo’s new controller looks similar to those found on smartphones, but a bit bigger. Lenovo states that the device is ‘palm sized’ but doesn’t give any dimensions.  A few multimedia buttons situated along the top of the keyboard allow quick control of media playback. The trackball sits just under the keyboard.

Based on pictures and impressions, it looks to measure around 6” across.  While the controller is fairly simple, the trackball positioning looks like it could be the biggest problem with the device.  Placed where it is, it seems inevitable that the cursor will get knocked around while typing. The Lenovo Multimedia Controller with Keyboard is available online from Lenovo at a price of $59.

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