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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 22 December 2009

There’s a lot of effort put into eliminating the effects that vibrations can have on high end audio equipment.  From special chassis for CD players to air based record players, technology to keep media on track is found all over the high end audio market.

Moon Audio says that they have a better idea.  Rather than try and make the device itself vibration proof, they simply make sure the surface it’s sitting on is completely vibration free.  The only way to do this of course is to suspend the surface in mid-air.

 The Zero Gravity shelf is really better described as a pair of shelves.  The bottom shelf is outfitted with magnets that are opposed to the magnets that are in the top shelf, making a completely contact free support.  There’s not a huge distance between the two units when used.  Judging from photographs there’s a space of a centimeter or less, but that’s more than enough.

Don’t worry about the magnets interfering with your device.  Moon Audio says that “the magnetic fields have been found to have no interference with the components on the stands”.  They also mention that they’re not the first to use magnets to support electronic devices like this.  “Several ultra-expensive turntables use magnetic levitation for their platters…without any negative effects.”

The Zero Gravity Audio Shelf measures 18” wide and 12” deep.   The shelves are clear, and are made of polished Lucite.  The max component weight is somewhere between thirty and forty pounds, so while most turntables and CD players will be supported, only lighter amplifiers can be used. Moon’s Zero Gravity Audio Shelf will be available soon at a retail price of $500.

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