Audience Introduces ClairAudient LSA 4+4 Full-Range Loudspeakers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 21 December 2009

The ClairAudient LSA 4+4 is a loudspeaker with a design unlike many others.  It was created to produce the best sound quality possible, of course, but by using different techniques than most.  The 4+4 uses a total of eight drivers – four facing forward and four facing to the rear – that are housed in a 17” high, 15” wide, 12” deep enclosure. 

Unlike most loudspeakers though, the LSA 4+4 uses eight of the exact same Audience A3 drivers. Audience A3 drivers measure only 3” in diameter, but are capable of an impressive range.  According to Audience, the A3 has a relatively flat response from 40Hz to 22kHz.  By eliminating the need for separate woofers, tweeters, and crossovers, complications such as phase distortion and response degradation are eliminated.

Each A3 driver has a magnesium alloy cone and a dust cape made to control high frequency cone breakup.  It sports a large neodymium magnet motor structure and a linear voice coil.  The A3 surround has a serpentine shape which allows for large excursions without an impact on cone movement.  A few improvements from past designs have been made as well, including a spider that doesn’t limit cone movement and better vents for heat dispersion. The LSA 4+4 is available now at $12,000 per pair.

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