LG Announces World’s Thinnest 42” LCD 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 21 December 2009

CES is fast approaching and that means that in the next few weeks, we’re going to be seeing a lot of press releases bragging about milestones that were reached by the major players in the video and audio markets.  LG did their part today by announcing that they’ve broken the three millimeter barrier for large LCDs.

Remember back in the spring and summer when we were really impressed with six millimeter televisions? Well LG has cut that number by over half and created a 42” LCD that’s just 2.6 millimeters – a tad over a tenth of an inch – thick.  It’s light too, weighing in at just under nine pounds.

It’s no slacker in specs either, LG’s ultra thin television offers a full 1080p resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate.  It’s LED backlit as well, though it does use edge lighting rather than local dimming.  LG says that it’s the LED technology combined with a proprietary film technology that allowed them to set this record.

There’s no word on when and if this product will be released to the public, but we expect it to generate a great deal of excitement. 

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