Blu-ray Association Finalizes 3D Specification 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 17 December 2009

There’s a film coming out this weekend that you may have heard about.  It is, we are told “the future of film as we know it.”  Whether you think it will be good or not (my money’s on not) the amount of money coming in from the three dimensional digital extravaganza will be astronomical. 

Banking on the 3D excitement from Avatar, the Blu-ray association has announced that they’ve completed their 3D specification. The details of the specification aren’t too shocking.  Encoding of 3D content will be done using MVC, which is an extension of the familiar AVC codec.  There’s a 50% overhead when compared to 2D content, and the MVC encoding is still capable of giving the standard 1080p picture when played on older Blu-ray players. 

Graphical menus will be in 3D as well as subtitles, which should prove to be interesting.  3D movies will of course be shown in 1080p with no loss of quality. The new specification was designed to allow 3D playback on Playstation 3 consoles, which doesn’t come as a shock, but is interesting to say the least.  Whether other Blu-ray players not designed for 3D from the onset will be compatible is yet to be seen.  

3D Blu-ray discs are also ‘display agnostic’ according to the Blu-ray association.  No matter what display you’re using – as long as it meets the standards for 3D – you’ll get the full experience.

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