ES2 Stream 2 System Sends High Definition Audio Wirelessly 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 17 December 2009

Evolved Sonic Solutions (ES2) has announced the availability of their new ES2 Stream 2 System.  According to ES2, their newest wireless streaming system is capable of sending an audio signal up to a hundred feet without any loss in quality.  ES2 also says that high definition sounds higher than CD quality can be sent as well.

The Stream 2 System isn’t the typical set up that can send from one source to another.  It’s capable of sending this high quality audio out to an unlimited number of devices in a hundred foot radius.  ES2 accomplishes this by keeping things digital.

“Nearly all music is now purchased, stored and managed in a digital format,” says ES2’s Stephen Saint-Vincent.   “From media servers to MP3 players to computers, there is simply no compelling reason why it needs to be converted back and forth between digital and analog multiple times. Once it exists in the digital format, it can be managed, distributed and amplified without loss, distortion or added noise.”

Setup is as easy as plug and play, though ES2 calls it Plug, Power and Play. The ES2 Stream 2 system is available now from Amazon or directly from ES2 for $799.

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