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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Whisper XD speaker system from Legacy Audio offers a unique look and impressive feature set.  These six foot tall towers are designed to create a much larger sweet spot than tradition speakers while maintaining audio integrity.

A differential alignment, similar to that of a duel element microphone, is used to help cancel out off-angle audio.  By doing this, Legacy aims to eliminate boundary interactions from walls and ceilings. The Whisper XD is split into two baffles, driven one behind the other.  Two fifteen inch woofers are positioned just four inches from eachother on each of the two baffles.  Legacy asks us to imagine them as being similar to magnetic caterpillar on the Red October.  

A neodymium ribbon tweeter and pleated ribbon super tweeter take care of things on the high end.  For the mids, four cast frame drivers with silver-graphite/rohacell diaphragms.  The Whisper XD is a 24-bit system, and even lets you drive it with your tube of choice.  The Whisper XD system runs $20,000 for the standard finish, with added cost for premium prices.

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