Lord of the Rings Comes to Blu-ray in April 2010 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I picked a Blu-ray player up for my father as an early Christmas present this year.  I asked him what movies he was looking forward to seeing in high definition.  “Star Wars” he said, “or The Lord of the Rings.”  He was disappointed when I broke the news that the geek trilogies that just beg for the HD treatment weren’t yet coming to Blu-ray.  Isn’t it just like Warner Home video to make a liar out of me?

It was announced yesterday that the epic fantasy films that earned Peter Jackson and crew a total of seventeen Oscars were finally coming to Blu-ray.  Circle April 6th on your calendar, take the day off of work and get to Best Buy early because you’ll have nine Blu-ray discs worth of content to watch.   The trilogy will be released as a $99.98 set, and will include digital copies of each movie as well as the discs.  To celebrate the announcement, Amazon is offering a discounted preorder price of $69.99 this week

The discs will feature BD Live Support and offer high definition trailers, but that’s all that’s new to the set. Admittedly, asking for more than four commentaries on each film and around eight hours worth of “Making of” footage seems a bit greedy, but it would have been nice of Warner to throw us a little extra.  Especially considering that my DVD shelf is already supporting the weight of the twelve disc DVD edition. 

If you’re the type to dork out about having the most complete version with deleted scenes and all, don’t get excited yet.  The collection that hits in April will feature only the theatrical versions of the film.  According to Warner, the extended versions will be coming, just not quite yet.

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