Teresonic’s New Magus Silver XR Loudspeakers 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Teresonic announced today that their new Magus Silver XR compact loudspeakers are now available.  They stand a mere fifteen inches tall, perfect for bookshelf speakers in an office or listening room. The Magus Silver XR has a 100 dB efficiency, higher than the majority of compact speakers. 

It sports full range drivers and a design free of crossovers.  Mike Zivkovic, president of Teresonic says that thanks to pure silver driver coils and the full range design, the Magus Silver XR “will sound huge using a fraction of energy, compared to power hungry amplifiers and inefficient loudspeakers.”

Thanks to the addition of a new sound engine, the Silver XR gains a bit of added clarity.  The new Lowther DX65 driver has one of the strongest magnets in the industry, with a flux of 22,000 Gauss. Teresonic has also released a custom stand for the Magus Silver XR loudspeakers.  This stand features an adjustable shelf which is meant to allow for fine tuning to the acoustics of the room.

Each of these speakers is individually hand crafted.  Commenting on the rounded shape of the speakers, Zivkovic draws a comparison to musical instruments.  ““Have you ever wondered why there are no squareviolins, trumpets, or basses?”  The design, he says, is a part of the sound. The Magus Silver XR speakers retail for $5,985 a pair, and the custom stands will run you $295 for the set of two.

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