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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Whether you see high fidelity iPhone and iPod products as a novel and wonderful idea or simply an attempt to grab the low hanging fruit, you can’t deny their popularity.  At least until the next big thing comes along. The latest product designed to improve upon the sound of your MP3s is the Trends Audio TA-10.2 Class T Amp.

It sports Tripath’s Class-T Digital Power processing and custom DAC design for both the iPhone line out and digital output circuits. David Ho, director of marketing at Trends, says that the TA-10.2 will make the iPhone’s audio quality rival that of more traditional listening devices.  “The TA-10.2 “, he says, “provides better sound quality, larger storage capacity and a more user-friendly interface than most standard CD players.”

Trends says that that thanks the Class T-amp, the TA-10.2 performs and behaves similarly to a Class-AB amplifier, but with the efficiency and size of a Class-D.  It’s got a maximum output power of 2x15W, and offers RCA outputs.  The 10.2 also offers RCA audio inputs to you’re not limited to only iPhone input. The TA-10.2 is available now at $225.  It features a 36W power supply and a Taiwan made volume pot.  Stepping it up $40 will net a TA-10.2 SE, which has a 48W power supply and an ALPS volume pot.

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