Pass Labs Introduces SR-2 Loudspeaker 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Monday, 14 December 2009

The SR-2 is the third loudspeaker to come from Pass Labs.  Following up on their success with the SR-1, Pass has created a new listening system that they describe as being perfect for listening positions that many people would consider too close to be optimal. The speaker is more compact than its predecessor, and features a single enclosure, unlike the dual enclosure setup of the SR-1.

Pass Labs’ SR-2 uses the same Seas of Norway drivers as the SR-1.  Each speaker system sports a ten and a quarter inch long excursion woofer, a seven inch midrange driver, and a HEXADYM magnet tweeter that measures just over an inch.

Each of the drivers contains very long excursion diaphragms, low mass voice coils and is hand wired, inspected and tested by Pass Labs.  The SR-2, like other speaker systems from Pass Labs, is flexible when it comes to amplifiers and crossovers.  Whether running passively or with active quad amplification, Pass says the SR-2 will sound and function beautifully.

The SR-2 Loudspeaker debuts at CES, and will be available in January from authorized dealers at a price of $18,000 for the speaker in a cherry finish.  Mandrone and Ash finishes are also available at $21,000.

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