DWC Releases Art Station iPod Dock 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009

The Art.Station is the newest product from the David Wiener Collection.  It’s got a hand polished chassis crafted from a block of solid aluminum, and a design that embraces a half minimalistic half steampunk approach.

DWC’s Art.Station is designed to restore quality and clarity to your poor compressed MP3s.  Simply pop your iPod or iPhone on to the Art.Station and the patented DWC-Aphex technology will go to work.  The proprietary tech from DWC was originally designed to improve multi-track recordings made by the likes of James Taylor and Paul McCartney.  Now it’s helping to bring their songs back to life.

DWC promises stronger bass, clearer vocals and a general openness to the sound thanks to advanced stereo imaging.  Even though you’re playing audio from a phone, DWC assures us that Steve Harris’s bass will no longer be lost in the shuffle, Mike Patton’s vocals will soar, and Gene Hoglan’s drums will sound like there right there in the room with you.

Apple products aren’t the only ones that can get the benefit of the Art.Station, thanks to a pair of RCA inputs.  DWC recommends putting game systems and even your cable box through the Art.Station to gain an audio performance boost “with the flip of a switch.” The Art.Station is available now from DWC as well as select retail outfits for $499.

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