Kodak Sells OLED Business to LG 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009

A lot happened over the weekend.  Gear was released and announced, people got sued, people countersued, and of course, Kodak’s OLED business got bought by LG.  The move was announced on Sunday, though the actual press release consists of very little in the way of detail.

So here’s what we know.  Kodak created the first organic light emitting diode device back in the 70s.  They cultivated the tech and eventually we started seeing OLED panels.  By all means, they should be leading the charge, but something like that doesn’t happen cheap.

“Our OLED intellectual property portfolio is fundamental,” says Kodak’s intellectual property officer Laura G. Quatela.  “However, realizing the full value of this business would have required significant investment.”

LG detailed their plans for the future of OLED displays earlier this year, and by most standards they could be considered to be fairly ambitious.  Shooting for OLEDs to be produced cheaper than LCD panels seems a lofty goal, but with this acquisition, LG is almost certainly getting a nice boost.

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