BigBox Rents DVDs and Blu-ray Discs by the Hour 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009

Watching movies at home can be compared to living arrangements.  DVD and Blu-ray ownership is like home ownership.  It’s not cheap, but once you own it, it’s yours.  In store rentals take up the role of the extended stay hotel.   They’ve got a mini kitchen and all, but you leave eventually.  Those one night stays on a road trip would be represented by RedBox.  Of course, this model completely misses that seedy motel that charges hourly rates and doesn’t ask questions.

Luckily for my analogy, there’s BigBox.  The newest company to jump on the rental kiosk idea, BigBox was created by a company called Mosquito Productions, who specialize in home theater installation and disc restoration.  What separates BigBox from its competitors though, is the way in which it rents out DVDs.

Stationed at college campuses in Wisconsin and Minnesota, BigBox kiosks stand waiting to rent students DVD new releases for a mere six cents an hour, and Blu-ray discs for nine.  Older films on DVD are available for a discounted four cents an hour. While those prices might seem incredibly low – and they can be if utilized properly – the hourly rate encourages a prompt return.  Keeping a DVD for a full twenty-four hours will cost $1.44, nearly 150% of the RedBox price.  A twenty-four hour Blu-ray rental runs over two dollars.  

BigBox is still getting started, and doesn’t yet carry the perceived threat to studios that RedBox does.  With the potential of renting, watching and returning a Blu-ray disc for around twenty-seven cents though, don’t be surprised to see Hollywood bring their A game to get rid of BigBox as fast as they can.

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