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Written by Daniel Burks   
Monday, 07 December 2009

We’ve been hearing about Toshiba’s Cell TV for a long time now, though the actual details have been, for the most part, speculative.  Toshiba representatives have spent a lot of time talking about what they’d like the Cell Regza to do, but we’ve now got official details on the actual product that will be released in Japan later this week.

Toshiba has announced a December 10th release for the Regza 55X1 in Japan, which is just a few weeks under the promise of a 2009 release.  This is the first Cell powered television from any company, and if Toshiba has its way, it won’t be the last.   The Regza 55X1 incorporates many of the pieces originally mentioned during Cell TV talks in the past, though one big sacrifice has been made to meet the launch goal.

While the Regza 55X1 is chock full of features, a better than 1080p screen is not one of them.  When Toshiba spoke of the upcoming Cell powered television in the past, they said that they’d like to see it as a 4K resolution screen, but the Regza 55X1 is launching with a LED backlit LCD. The drop in resolution may be good news for consumers too, as the price of a 4K display would certainly exceed that of the current 1080p version, which already does a lot of things that most TVs just can’t.

The Regza 55X1 will ship with a 3TB hard drive and the ability to record video from up to eight sources at a time.  Toshiba puts that at around 26 hours of recording time for your high definition content.  It’s also got internet streaming capabilities, and to top it off, a Blu-ray player. According to Toshiba’s release, they’re expecting this sort of feature set to become standard in LCD sets within the next few years.

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