What Panasonic's Green Strategy Means to HDTVs 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Thursday, 03 December 2009

Panasonic recently announced that they'll be investing one billion dollars into development of green technologies for the home in order to appeal to an ever increasingly environmentally conscious consumer base. Pansonic’s president says that the new direction is due to a lack in company growth, especially when compared to the rise of Samsung.

Panasonic of course, is also the leading manufacturer of plasma televisions, which are notoriously energy hungry.  The change in strategy doesn't necessarily mean that plasmas will be out of the picture though.  According to Panasonic's president Fumio Ohtsubo, they'll be putting the responsibility in the hands of the consumer.

The plan from Panasonic is to give consumers the ability to fully monitor the power output of their home electronics.  Users would be able to see these statistics directly on their television set and determine their own energy saving strategies.

Panasonic has also made an offer to purchase Sanyo, the world's largest supplier of rechargeable batteries and holder of some coveted pieces of solar cell technology.  The merger is expected to happen later this month. There has been no word on the future of plasma televisions from Panasonic, but at the moment there's no reason to believe production will stop.

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