Make Your iPhone Into a Universal Remote With Redeye 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009

Computer programs, multi room music and video systems, and even a few Blu-ray discs have all integrated iPhone control.  It's the logical step; using an already existing and popular touch screen device as a touch screen device.  Without full integration though, all this does is make the iPhone into yet another remote that just doesn't do enough.

Tech company ThinkFlood has developed a hardware and software product called RedEye that they believe is the perfect solution to the problem.  Picking up the RedEye adapter and downloading the free RedEye software from iTunes will let users control any devices that accept an infrared signal directly through their iPhone or iPod touch.

The setup is fairly straightforward and simple, and relies on an internet connection to pull down infrared codes for each piece of hardware in your setup.  After configuring the remote to work with each device, RedEye can be setup to issue a series of commands at once, much like other popular universal remote options.

The RedEye software is incredibly adaptable, and allows buttons to be added and subtracted if need be so that control can be as simple or as deep as you'd like. RedEye can also be set up to work with different setups, and different room configurations can be saved and switched on the fly.

RedEye can also be set up to respond to motion and gesture controls thanks to the accelerometer in both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The RedEye can be purchased directly from ThinkFlood for $188, and is compatible with all generations of iPod Touch and iPhone.

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