Nvidia Enables 3D Blu-ray Viewing on PC 
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Written by Dick Ward   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009

There's no debating that 3D movie viewing has taken off in theaters.  The option to pay a dollar or two more for a three dimensional viewing experience is a popular one, and movies continue to adapt the technology.  3D in the home presents a bit of a different problem.

With a 3D standard still in the works and HDMI 1.4 on the way, the future of 3D in the home is a bit uncertain.  Add to that the need for most people to buy a brand new television in order to view three dimensional video and adoption rates look like they'll be niche at best.

One place 3D seems to have taken off fairly well  though is in the PC market.  Nvidia's 3D Vision has reached a fairly large group of gamers who already have compatible computers and monitors, and been fairly well received.  Based on a recent announcement it seems like the company is looking to expand their appeal out of the gamer market.

Nvidia will be offering an update to their sofware that will allow viewing of 3D Blu-ray content for users with capable monitors.  This update will happen in tandem with the launch of the first computer monitor that sports the required 120Hz refresh rate as well as a 1080p resolution.

Most existing Blu-ray drives will be compatible with the software according to Nvidia, though no specifics on models have yet been given.  Both launches are expected to happen in early 2010, though Acer has not yet announced official details.  In addition to 3D Blu-ray viewing, Nvidia is working to bring web content, Google Earth, and other applications to the 3D Vision lineup.

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